Studies to come

Well aware of the inherent limitations of such work from the outset of our research, but nevertheless constrained by issues of cost and/or deadlines, the members of the team worked to move the project forward while keeping in mind that several ancillary studies would sooner or later have to be carried out to build a knowledge base useful for all research using smell to detect diseases.

New studies - Towards a common knowledge base

As we have known from the outset, many fundamental questions remain unanswered to this day. The KDOG team offers to carry out studies for any odor-related disease research project. Here is the upcoming studies, presented by Isabelle FROMANTIN.

Can-KDOG: Exploring the Influence of Dog Training Methods

A Canadian team wants to replicate the KDOG proof of concept in its own way. The objective is to evaluate the impact of the dog training method on the results.

Eric TRONCY holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Montreal and a PhD in Pharmacology from the L. Paster University in Lyon. He is currently the director of the Quebec animal pharmacology research group. His work focuses on the metrology of animal pain and its relief. He and his partners wish to develop a project similar to KDOG, by varying one parameter: the method of dog training. Mathieu LAVALLEE is the canine educator who will be in charge of this new study in Quebec.