KDOG - A new milestone

KDOG is a research project conducted at the Curie Institute on the detection of breast cancer by odors.

In order to keep you informed of the progress of our work, the KDOG team has decided to publish on this page an overview of its projects.

A word from Isabelle Fromantin

Isabelle FROMANTIN, a nurse and doctor of science working in the Wound Research and Healing Unit of the Curie Institute , worked on a thesis on tumour wounds in 2012. This led to the idea for the project she has been working on since 2015: KDOG.

An update on the projects

In KDOG several research projects are taking place and will raise questions and generate new studies.

The approach you are probably familiar with is the one that consists in evaluating the ability of trained dogs to detect sweat samples from women with breast cancer. Another approach you will also find here is to look for the chemical signature of breast cancer by analysing VOCs, the set of molecules that make up the smell.

Pierre BAUËR is project manager and scientific director of KDOG. Engineer and holder of a master's degree in physics from the ENS, a PhD in biophysics from the Pierre and Marie Curie University and an MBA, he joined KDOG in 2018 after a few years in industry.

Parallel view

Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the University of Paris-Descartes, Didier SICARD has spent a large part of his career dealing with biomedical ethical issues. He was President of the National Consultative Ethics Committee for Life and Health Sciences. He is one of the major supporters of KDOG.